Case Nucci

Come experience the simplicity, tranquility, and amazing ambience Case Nucci has to offer. This beautiful historical household exhibits a rich cultural experience for any lover of Italian history, food and wine. Come and see it for yourself... Case Nucci your home in Italy

La Limonaia

History has told us that cold climates are the worst conditions for keeping Lemons. In ancient times, the lemon vases of Case Nucci were kept inside this building to prolong their life.

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Il Granaio

This exquisite country stone household was constructed during the early 1600’s and was used as a barn for processing wheat up until the mid 1900’s.

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Casa Boschetto

This incredible abode takes you deep into the beautiful countryside of Umbria. It’s the perfect place to spend your holiday soaking up a truly serene experience in the historic household constructed during the early 1900’s.

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Il Mulino

Il Mulino apartment is now a modern house full of history where you can spend moments of true relaxation with your family as well as in the company of friends.

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