About the Nucci Family

Perched on top of a hill, between Perugia and Todi, in the heart of Umbria, there’s a location called “Civitella Dei Conti”. A small village where the Nucci family has been living and farming the surrounding land since the early 1600’s.
The main property is the family residence – “Palazzo Nucci” – which is situated in an elevated position from which it overlooks the Valley of the Tevere.
This complex was also known as Castle of Santa Maria dell’Oliveto or Santa Maria di Cicciano, in honour of the Mary to who is dedicated the nearby church.

The agricultural work in this area was based on the production of wheat, grapes and olive oil. These same old olive trees are still used today for the production of our high quality extra virgin olive oil.
To better support these activities around “Case Nucci”, in the 1600’s our family built a series of buildings, made in local stone, destinated to be storage for the harvest and the home for the farmer’s family. That’s what today we call “La Limonaia” (old storage for lemons), “Il Granaio” (the old storage for cropped wheat), and “Casa Boschetto” (the family house of our farmers back in the time).

These structures, recently refurbished, have became holiday houses to welcome people from all around the world and they have all the comfort of a modern house with the vintage style from that time.
To complete the fashinating stay at “Case Nucci” is the lush landscape surrounding the property and the short distance from interesting towns like Perugia, Assisi and Todi.